Eating a Balanced Diet after Bariatric Surgery – Choose More Plant-Based Foods

Are you so focused on getting in enough protein after weight-loss surgery that your diet is lacking in essential nutrients? It might be a good time to start adding in other foods – specifically plant-based foods. Switching to a more plant-based diet does not mean becoming a vegan or a vegetarian. A more plant-based diet would mean eating less animal products, such as meat and dairy, and consuming more vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and fruit. Plant-based eating and your weight A weight-loss plateau is a common complaint among patients following surgery. Patients will steadily lose weight each month and then…...nothing. In my experience counseling patients I have found that adding some whole grains, fruits, and vegetables (plant foods) back into the diet has actually helped people get past a weight-loss plateau. In other words – eating a more balanced diet might trigger your body to start shedding pounds again. Research shows that consuming a more plant-based diet reduced body fat in overweight and obese individuals. The exact reason for this is unknown; however, we do know that plant-based foods... Read More